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Birthdate:Jan 1
I was born Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson, but most people call me Reinette.

I am rather new to this whole internet thing. For obvious reasons, mostly because I was born in 1721.

I am married to the Doctor, and we have two one beautiful baby girls, Fred and Penny. We live in the Doctor's TARDIS caravan, which is currently parked outside his bloody mother's house in Victorian London.

Oh, and I am NOT a whore. My husband is fully aware of the affair I am having with his hyperreal self, David Tennant, and he totally does not mind. Nor do I work in a brothel, so stop looking at me like that. Seriously, stop it.


This LiveJournal is one in a series of fictional journals that comprise the LiveJournal RPG known to that Sekrit Whovian Cabal you’ve heard so much about as The Game. The characters in The Game are, of course entirely fictional and only loosely based on the BBC series Doctor Who which, as far as we are aware, is still property of the BBC etc. etc. The various and assorted other programmes which have since its inception infiltrated The Game, such as Blackpool, Casanova, Taking Over The Asylum and The League of Gentlemen among others are all, as goes without saying, the property of their respective owners.

Questions about The Game? Try thegame_ftw. New to the soap opera that is The Game? The Doctor’s LiveJournal at lonely_god and his friends page would probably be a good place to start. A recap of the plot will slowly start to appear at lonely_recap, but for God's sake don't rush us. Would you like to join The Game? Announce yourself in the lonely_lounge and you may well be invited to join the sekrit plot discussion community at teh_gameplay.

Comments in this journal are not screened, but may be deleted by the journal owner at will at the journal owner’s discretion.

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